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Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based dining in Cambridge

Our story and aim of our fine dining restaurant in Cambridge is to offer guests a memorable dining experience. All of our dishes are seasonal and fresh, using locally sourced produce wherever we can, to serve high-quality, healthy and sustainable food.

The fantastic Folio chefs create home-cooked classic British dishes with exciting twists, for you to enlighten your taste buds and experience unique combinations of flavours. Our dishes are thoughtfully paired with exquisite drinks to further indulge your senses and experience the essence of Cambridge.

On both our set menu and seasonal a la carte menu, we provide a healthy balance of delicious vegetarian, vegan and plant-based versions of familiar classics, so that everyone can comfortably enjoy their meal. All our fine dining dishes can be tailored to suit any specific dietary requirements you need, such as gluten intolerance. Our goal is to inspire our guests and neighbours to make wise eating, drinking and lifestyle choices for a more sustainable future.

Plant-based eating at The Folio

Our menus at The Folio showcase dishes that are perfect for the vegan diet and those who love to eat plant-based food. All the nutrients that a plant sources has an abundance of health benefits, like helping to lose weight and improving heart disease and high blood pressure. Plant-based diets of fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and other plant foods are great for sustainable and healthy eating.

Vegan diets & Plant-based diet dishes

On our set a la carte menu, we offer a fresh and colourful main dish that is free from dairy foods for those on a vegan diet or plant-based diet. Our ratatouille dish entails roasted Mediterranean vegetables, and tomato sauce, served with baguette. For dessert, we offer Apple Crumble: Served with vegan ice cream or vegan custard of your choice, Chocolate Brownie Delight: Served with vegan ice cream, Lemon Meringue Tart: Served with fresh season berries, and a home selection of Ice Cream & Sorbet, perfect for a refreshing delight. On our seasonal summer menu, those who enjoy plant-based foods can choose from a range of wonderful plant-based dishes, from Tofu Scallops to the iconic Fellows Plant Burger.

Vegetarian diet dishes at The Folio

Not only can those who do not eat meat for various reasons including a vegetarian diet be able to enjoy all the plant-based dishes we offer, but also choose from our tasty vegetarian dishes that are free from animal products. All year round guests can indulge in our delicious Mushroom and Smoked Parmesan Risotto and Parmesan onion Soup from our a la cart set menu, as well as try our summer dishes such as Chickpea Arancini and Penne Pasta Primavera.

Each of our dishes specifically catered for a vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diet, is stacked with mouthwatering flavours and surprising ingredients for a memorable fine dining experience.

Vegetarian, Vegan & Plant-Based Food - The Folio Bar & Kitchen
Vegan and Plant-Based dining in Cambridge

Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based Restaurant with parking in Cambridge

The Folio Bar & Kitchen creates the perfect luxurious yet intimate atmosphere, for you to enjoy your fine dining experience. Whether you are just passing by for lunch or visiting Cambridge, The Folio which is situated in The Fellows House Hotel offers safe and secure onsite parking for hotel guests and anyone dining in The Folio restaurant. This way you do not need to worry about finding a secure place to park in the busy city of Cambridge, and can simply indulge in your delicious meal. 

Our locally sourced ingredients do not contain fortified foods or processed foods in order to cater healthy dishes for those who love vegetarian, vegan and plant-based meals. The Folio restaurant in Cambridge is committed to creating a welcoming space for all to feel comfortable and enjoy a fine dining experience no matter what specific dietary choices you have.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based dining in Cambridge